Turning Your Clunker Into Cash: How To Get More For Your Junk Car

Do you currently have one or more junk cars sitting around your property? If so, you should know that you can actually improve the curb appeal of your home and earn yourself some extra cash by choosing to sell these junk vehicles to a scrap yard in your local area. As if turning your old clunker into cold hard cash isn't incentive enough to reach out to a scrap yard to request a quote for your specific vehicle, the tips outlined below can actually help you to get even more for your vehicle when you do decide to make that call. 

Tip #1: Take The Time To Find Or Replace Your Vehicle Tire

If you do not currently know where the title for your old junk car is, you may want to take the time to either locate or replace this title. While many scrap yards are willing to purchase your vehicle even without the title in hand providing you sign an affidavit of ownership, the classification of metal assigned to your vehicle will be different when making a sale in this way. This is because scrap yards are typically limited by law in the way they are able to sell off parts from a vehicle if they do not have the title for the vehicle. As a result, scrap yards will often offer you less for your vehicle if you do not have the title on hand at the time of sale. 

Tip #2: Know What Your Selling

Knowing exactly what you are selling is an important part of getting the most out of your junk car. This is because when scrap yards purchase your old junk car, they will break that vehicle down into its different parts and components in order to maximize the profit they are able to make by either selling individual parts to private buyers or by selling the raw materials to recycling companies who purchase these materials for use in the manufacturing of new items. Being able to provide information regarding any aftermarket parts your car contains, as well as information regarding whether your vehicle has aluminum or steel alloy tires, can make a big difference in how much the scrap yard is able to pay for your vehicle. 

Tip #3: Avoid Towing Fees When Possible

If you need to have your vehicle towed to the scrap yard, this can result in a lower selling price. If the vehicle still runs or if you have the ability to tow the vehicle yourself either using your personal vehicle or through your roadside assistance plan, transporting your vehicle to the scrap yard will allow you to walk away with more money in your pocket. 

For more information about getting cash for your junk car, contact a local scrap service.