Don’t Let Common Myths Stop You From Selling Your Junk Car Today

Far too many people allow junk cars to clutter their yard, driveway, or garage simply because they have fallen victim to one or more common myths regarding their ability to sell their junk car. In fact, after taking the time to review the common myths below, you may be surprised to learn that the excuses you have been making to put off selling your junk car are actually based on myths as well.

Common Myth #1: You Will Need To Pay To Have Your Junk Car Towed To The Salvage Yard

Many people feel as though there is no point in selling their junk car to a salvage yard because they will end up spending a large portion of the cash they earn on towing services. If you believe this to be true, you may be surprised to learn that towing your junk car will not have any impact on how much money you earn for your junk car. This is because many salvage yards offer free towing services when you sell them your junk car. 

Common Myth #2: Junk Cars Do Not Have Any Value If They Are Not Operational

Many people also believe that their junk cars are without resale value because they are not operational. This belief often stems from the thought that junk cars are only valuable if they have working parts that can be sold as used auto parts. However, the truth is that your junk car can still have significant value even if there is not a single part on the vehicle that could be sold as is. This is because the base materials that are used to make your vehicle can be recycled and used to make new products. These materials have value even if your vehicle is completely nonoperational. 

Common Myth #3: You Cannot Sell Your Junk Car Unless You Have The Title

This is perhaps the most common of all myths surrounding the topic of selling junk cars. What makes this myth so widespread is the fact that there was a time in which this myth was actually fact. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of changes in the law that now allow individuals to sell their junk car without the title in hand as long as they are able to still prove that they are the owner of the vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to provide old insurance or registration documents. A bill of sale or an affidavit of ownership can also be used in the absence of a title.

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